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HSD-W aqueous solvent machine tool guideway fluid

A wide range of viscosity grades can be used to blend various viscosity grades of machine tool guideway fluid;

High viscosity index, with excellent viscosity temperature characteristics, its viscosity changes less with temperature, and it also has stable viscosity and oil film on rails in high-temperature regions;

Excellent low-temperature performance, with a pour point of - 40, making it suitable for use in harsh low-temperature environments;

Excellent deposition control and equipment cleanliness, effectively dissolving carbon deposits and paint films generated during operation during use, and maintaining the cleanness of the guide rail for a long time;

Excellent hydrolysis stability. Ester lubricants and antiwear agents in traditional oil products are prone to water hydrolysis reactions under the catalysis of metals, resulting in the formation of acids, which can lead to the invalidation of additives and the deterioration of the oil, leading to the need to replace the oil with a new one. Relatively speaking, polyethers are miscible with water and can effectively absorb water, so they do not undergo hydrolysis reactions and have a longer service life.

This product is a water-soluble oil that is suitable for lubricating various types of guide rails such as lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, boring machines, planers, grinders, CNC machines, etc. using water-based processing fluids. It has many advantages over traditional guide rail oils.

KJ series copper aluminum pipe stretching oil

Committed to the research and development of high-end products, we have successfully developed the most economical and practical series of environmentally friendly copper tube stretching oil products in the industry using special environmental friendly materials. Its outstanding practical performance is well received by many customers

Good reviews. Its products are widely used by many copper pipe enterprises such as Jiangxi Copper, Zhejiang Nele Copper, and Guangdong Longfeng, Shanghai Longyang, Chongqing Longyu, which are affiliated to Jinlong Group.

EP extreme pressure gear oil

Excellent extreme pressure and anti wear performance can effectively prevent tooth surface abrasion and occlusion, ensuring smooth gear operation; Excellent oxidation stability, ensuring a long service life of the oil; Excellent rust prevention and emulsification resistance, which can effectively prevent machine parts from corrosion when water enters the gear oil during operation; The excellent anti foam property can provide effective oil film protection and play a good role in lubrication and heat dissipation.

Suitable for lubrication of large closed gear transmission devices with heavy loads, high temperatures, and impacts in mining, cement, fertilizer, chemical fiber, and metallurgical industries where the contact stress on the tooth surface is greater than 1100N/mm2.

TOMAS H Synthetic gear oil

Excellent thermal stability, oxidation stability, and extremely long service life; Excellent hydrolysis stability and demulsibility; High flash point, low pour point, wide operating temperature range; It has a lower friction coefficient, which reduces the power consumption of the gear during operation; Extremely low evaporation loss, oil consumption.

Suitable for heavy load and long life gears such as hot rolling mills, cranes, heavy crushing machines in mines, rapier machines in the textile industry, and large elevator gears in the metallurgical industry. Applicable temperature range: - 40~+180 ℃.

VP Vacuum pump oil

It has good oxidation stability and is not easy to form oil sludge, paint film, and other oxidation products; After special drying treatment, the water content is low; Good water separation performance; High viscosity index and small viscosity change with temperature.

Suitable for sealing and lubrication of volumetric vacuum pumps (mechanical vacuum pumps), as well as lubrication of the gear transmission system of Roots vacuum pumps (mechanical booster pumps).

TR Reciprocating air compressor oil

Good oxidation resistance - prevents the formation of carbon deposits and paint films on valves and other components, and extends the oil change cycle;

Anti wear - to reduce bearing sintering and piston wear;

Rust prevention and corrosion prevention - to avoid metal surface corrosion in wet operating environments;

Anti bubble - Avoid excessive bubbles that can cause spillage or affect the pumping performance of the system.

It is mainly used for the lubrication of reciprocating and centrifugal air compressors, as well as for the lubrication of general mechanical equipment, ordinary and antifriction bearings, low pressure hydraulic systems, light load gears, and gear motors, as well as for the lubrication of linkage devices, sliding devices, cams, and spindles.

TS Screw type air compressor oil

Excellent antioxidant and thermal stability; Good wear resistance and corrosion resistance; Excellent air release performance; Excellent water separation characteristics.

Suitable for use with rotary air compressors, including screw and vane air compressors. It meets the performance requirements of major air compressor manufacturers and is also suitable for lubrication of some small and medium-sized vacuum pumps.

SHC Fully synthetic screw type air compressor oil

Excellent low volatility; Outstanding low-temperature characteristics; Excellent low volatility; Good corrosion resistance; Excellent oxidation stability; Special thermal stability; Excellent demulsibility; Good natural lubricity; Better gas oil separation.

Suitable for lubrication of rotary (screw and vane) air compressors with an exhaust temperature of less than 100 ℃ and an effective working pressure of 800-1500 KPa, or an exhaust humidity of 100-110 ℃ and an effective working pressure of less than 800 KPa.

HSD Machine tool guideway oil

High oil film strength and low friction coefficient prevent sticking and reduce "creeping" phenomenon; Unique ashless special adhesion additive to ensure that the oil film adheres to the slide, improving extreme pressure loading; Special anti wear and anti-corrosion additives reduce wear and corrosion, and overcome the "adhesion sliding" problem on the slide surface; Non toxic and harmless, with a high degree of biodegradability.

It is suitable for lubrication of various light and heavy mechanical guides such as imported and domestic precision grinding machines, milling machines, boring machines, CNC machine tools, etc.

L-FD Spindle oil

Excellent high-temperature oxidation resistance characteristics help reduce formation of deposits and improve the service life of lubricating oil; Excellent rust and corrosion protection. Improve equipment life and provide long-term accuracy; High load carrying capacity, protecting equipment and extending life, reducing unexpected downtime, and extending maintenance intervals.

Suitable for high-speed bearings in machine tools and motors that require high speed and precise clearance.

TONA heat transfer oil

Good thermal stability, excellent thermal stability, and long-term use within the allowable temperature range; Good fluidity, low kinematic viscosity, excellent heat transfer effect, effectively preventing heat transfer oil from cracking and coking, and extending the service life of heat transfer oil; Strong antioxidant capacity, adding highly effective antioxidants, significantly improving its antioxidant capacity; Low steam pressure, with excellent low steam pressure, suitable for various liquid phase heating systems. The operating temperature is optional from - 35 to 300 degrees Celsius. The system operates without pressure, safe and reliable.

It is widely used as a heat transfer medium for heat transfer oil furnaces in chemical industry, synthetic fiber, papermaking, printing and dyeing, plastics, and light industry processing. The operating temperature range is - 35 ℃ to 280 ℃, and the maximum operating temperature can reach 320 ℃.

MTB turbine oil

Good oxidation stability, ensuring the service life of turbine oil;

Suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature properties ensure that the turbine has sufficient oil film thickness under relatively high temperature operating environments;

Good demulsibility, ensuring sufficient drainage performance of turbine oil, effectively preventing water from deteriorating turbine oil;

Good rust and corrosion resistance can ensure that the turbine does not rust during operation;

Good anti foaming and air release properties ensure the continuity of the turbine oil lubricating oil film within the turbine.

Suitable for steam turbines, light load gas turbines, and water turbines.

MTC turbine oil

Excellent high-temperature oxidation stability ensures long-term safe operation of the turbine under high temperature and pressure;

Suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature properties ensure that the turbine has sufficient oil film thickness under relatively high temperature operating environments;

Excellent demulsibility ensures excellent drainage performance of turbine oil during operation;

Excellent rust and corrosion resistance, ensuring that the turbine does not rust during operation;

Excellent anti foaming and air release properties ensure the continuity of the turbine oil lubricating oil film within the turbine.

Suitable for heavy-duty steam turbine units, gas turbine units, and combined power generation units.

KR68 guide rail oilA new formula, special lubricating ester, emulsifier, special anti wear agent, rust inhibitor, antioxidant, and other synthetic KR68 rail oil.It is suitable for lubricating the guide rails of grinding machines, lathes, planers, boring machines, drilling machines, and other machine tools. And lubrication of bearings of machine tools and central lubrication systems that have the same hydraulic guide rail lubrication system.

Guide rail oil


Used for lubrication of machine tool slide rails

AW antiwear hydraulic oil


It is widely used in the lubrication of various ordinary hydraulic systems. It is widely used in the hydraulic system of mechanical equipment such as injection molding machines, blow molding machines, die casting machines, and hydraulic presses in industry.

AW Super Antiwear Hydraulic Oil


This series of products is mainly applicable to hydraulic systems with high temperature, high pressure, and high power. It is widely used in hydraulic systems such as large-scale injection molding machines, molding machines, die casting machines, high tonnage punches, and steelmaking equipment in industry. It can be applied to vane pump, gear pump, and plunger pump simultaneously. Good anti wear performance of product characteristics, reducing the wear of hydraulic components, making the hydraulic system have a longer service life; Superior oxidation stability and thermal stability enable hydraulic oil to have a longer service cycle; Good rust and corrosion resistance, preventing hydraulic components from the impact of corrosion; Excellent defoaming and anti emulsification properties enable it to quickly remove bubbles and separate a small amount of water, ensuring the normal operation of the hydraulic system; Outstanding air release and cleaning ability, which can timely remove air and keep the hydraulic system clean and bright for a long time.

HDE Purifying Filterable Hydraulic Oil


This series of products is particularly suitable for highly automated hydraulic devices equipped with precision hydraulic components (such as electro-hydraulic servo valves, digital valves, and proportional valves) that have strict requirements for cleanliness. Widely used in industrial precision hydraulic systems, machine control systems, aerospace test benches, automatic navigation systems, tank booster hydraulic systems, and other aviation and military machinery. Excellent anti wear performance: Special anti wear additives greatly reduce the wear of metal surfaces and effectively prevent the generation of wear and corrosion particles that can damage metal surfaces and seals; Excellent rust and corrosion prevention performance: In the corrosion test, it shows extremely effective corrosion prevention performance; Excellent water separation performance: effectively preventing the formation of oil water emulsions, preventing damage to the hydraulic system and pumps; Excellent compatibility: Compatible with all commonly used sealing materials and paints; Excellent cleanliness: The cleanliness of the oil is above NAS7. It greatly reduces the small particles in the oil, reducing scratches and wear of the hydraulic system.

HF High Viscosity Index Hydraulic Oil


This series of products is mainly applicable to medium and high pressure hydraulic systems of mining, engineering, construction, steel rolling, and other machinery operating in cold areas or under frequent and significant changes in temperature. Blade pumps and plunger pumps with different friction pairs are applicable. The extremely low pour point of the product can still ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system for outdoor operation in severe cold seasons; Extremely high viscosity index ensures excellent high and low temperature performance of hydraulic oil; Excellent anti emulsification performance and hydrolytic stability. It can quickly separate from minimum and minimum moisture, ensuring the normal operation of the hydraulic system; Outstanding antioxidant performance enables hydraulic oil to have a longer service life; Outstanding cleansing ability. Keep the hydraulic system clean and bright after long-term use.

DN special hydraulic oil for jack


This product is suitable for lubrication of various jacks, small hydraulic lifting equipment with Zuhui swing path, and hydraulic transmission machinery. Product characteristics: Good wear resistance, reducing wear; Good oxidation stability, rust and corrosion resistance, extending the service life of the equipment; Good low-temperature performance, ensuring the reliability of outdoor work in winter; Good rubber adaptability, effectively protecting sealing materials, preventing leakage, and maintaining stable pressure in the hydraulic system.

SFC fire resistant hydraulic oil


This product is widely used in hydraulic systems operating under open fire, becoming an important flame resistant hydraulic medium. It is mainly applicable to hydraulic systems that require fire protection in the steel, coal mine, light industry, chemical industry, mechanical processing, and plastic processing industries, such as: coking furnace doors, coke blocking cars, die casting machines, furnace top bell, extrusion machines, converter hood lifting mechanisms, forging machines, electric furnace covers, tipping mechanisms, casting machines, ladle sliding nozzles, continuous casting machines, hot rail machines, welding robots, plastic extruders, automatic welding fixtures, surface electroplating machines Glass forming machine, etc.

EMF Refractory Hydraulic Oil


AP EMF is applicable to the hydraulic systems of continuous casting production lines in the steel industry, as well as the hydraulic systems of blast furnaces, furnace dismantling machines, hot rolling plants, foundries, ladle valves, power stations, coal mines, and other equipment requiring fire resistance and safety. It can replace water glycol type and phosphoric acid vinegar type fire resistant hydraulic oil. Operating temperature range: - 20 ℃~+200 ℃ Product features excellent high and low temperature performance, low pour point, high flash point, and high viscosity index; Excellent fire protection performance, reduce fire hazards, and ensure the safety of the working environment; Excellent anti wear performance can effectively prevent and reduce the wear of hydraulic pumps. Extend the service life of the hydraulic system; Good material adaptability, rust prevention and corrosion resistance; Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability, preventing high-temperature oxidation of oil products. Extend the oil change interval; The product itself can be biodegradable, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

PQS synthetic hydraulic oil


This series of products is used for lubrication of hydraulic devices in food processing machinery that are dry and low temperature and require environmental protection, as well as industrial precision hydraulic systems that are very sensitive to high temperatures, high pressures, and deposits. Mainly used in food packaging machinery, food canning production lines, food ovens, refrigeration equipment, and cosmetics packaging production machinery. Product characteristics This series of products is a new type of environmentally friendly hydraulic oil with high technical content, excellent quality, wide temperature range, and stable shearing. It has controllable low-temperature performance, good abrasion resistance and protection against high-pressure blades, plungers, and gear pumps. At the same time, it has a long service life of oil and hydraulic components, providing optimal protection for equipment, and reducing maintenance and product handling costs.

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