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Centralized liquid supply system

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Centralized liquid supply system

It is used in large-scale CNC processing plants to mix new cutting fluid and vacuum reflux fluid again. One equipment can meet the replenishment requirements of 300-500 CNC processing machines, and only one person can manage each shift. The matching accuracy reaches ± 0.5%, which effectively controls the amount of cutting fluid used, and has records for easy traceability.

Glass powder centralized filtration system

Used in glass processing plants. During glass processing, many fine particles will be generated, resulting in a higher and higher solid content in the glass processing liquid. When the solid content reaches a certain level, the glass surface will be scratched. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently change the processing liquid. Through centralized circulating filtration, the processing liquid is filtered in real time and the glass powder is continuously filtered out. The service life of the processing liquid can be extended by 2 to 6 months, depending on the processing process and filtering level.

NMP distillation purification system

Used in battery manufacturers to purify the recovered NMP. The equipment is directly installed in the factory, and the NMP (80%) recovered by the coating machine is directly purified through the equipment, with a purity of 99.8% - 99.95%. It can be directly purified in the factory, eliminating intermediate links.

Intelligent blending system for resource reuse

It is used to regenerate and reuse the concentrated liquid treated by the cutting fluid waste liquid treatment equipment of our company. The waste cutting fluid is treated with clean water and concentrated liquid, which can be sent to the reclaimed water recovery station for treatment. The concentrated liquid is regenerated through this equipment, and can be used as new cutting fluid after regeneration, saving costs.

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